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NorthWest Fishing Partner Registry got it's start in 2017 with the Idea of current Commodore Sean Kiaer former Firefighter and a couple of buddies. One is an Operation Iraqie Freedom Veteran and the other a Police Officer in a small quiet community in central Washington all three of whom have varring stages of  PTSD.
​With so many Orginizations out there for the military we saw a need to open the doors to our First responders while also keeping the doors open to the military.
An Idea was reality. Sean Kiaer spent his own hard earned money and put together NorthWest Fishing Partner Registry later to become NorthWest Fishing Partners 
There’s a Name For It
There’s even a name for fishing as therapy: Piscatorial Therapy. A 2009 study done by researchers at the University of Southern Maine, the University of Utah, and the Salt Lake City VA saw a significant improvement in the symptoms of those with PTSD
Many recognize the activity of fishing to be relaxing, but few seem to have written about it from a clinical point of view. Dr. Scott E. Moser‘s 2001 article on “piscatorial therapy” in The Journal of Family Practice is one exception. He reports “…that fishing is a tremendous anxiolytic. This is presumed to be because the activity integrates low-impact physical exercise with mental relaxation and social camaraderie.” According to Dr. Moser, the therapy is a thoroughly innovative and scientifically proven method of therapy for a wide variety of ailments and general health promotion. It encompasses aspects of many other disciplines. Besides the obvious relationship to sports medicine, piscatology borrows much from spiritual traditions.
In fact, the benefits are so affective, two different mental hospitals in Scotland have employed fishing as a regular form of therapy. A spokesperson said that it “gives the patients a new skill, challenges them, and gives them a sense of personal achievement.
Nursing staff from the two mental health hospitals near Greater Glasgow, Leverndale and Dykebar, John Kelly, a nursing assistant from Leverndale, said: “We find angling extremely therapeutic and thought that some of our patients would really benefit from it, while Calum MacLeod a nursing assistant from Dykebar said the therapy has surpassed all our hopes for the patients that take part
“Stephen a patient said: “It’s great fun going out with the nurses. It’s a good sense of achievement when we catch fish.


  1. Commodore
    Sean Kiaer
    Sean Kiaer was born and raised in the Puget Sound region Spending his youth sailing and fishing near his home on Lake Washington. Sean is a current member of the WSG as an LNO in Emergency Management and is a Truck Driver in his Civilian Job.
  2. Chief of Staff
    Chief of Staff
    Tom Browning (Pictured Left)
    Tom Browning Comes to us from the Timber Industry of Washington & Idaho He also is the owner of a guide service and is a very accomplished fisherman. Tom is very knowledgeable, in fact he has carnal knowledge of most of the waters from Puget sound to every tributary of the Columbia River System.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director